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When searching for a list of the most popular and enjoyable online casino games , blackjack ranks within the top 5. With its simple layout and massive payouts of course it’s a favourite among New Zealand players, and international players alike. Blackjack can be found at almost every land based and online casino available and that’s exactly why we have reviewed a ton of them to present you with only the best. Our listed New Zealand online casinos ensure that there are trusted and secure deposit and withdrawal methods as well as loads of added bonuses and promotions for you to take advantage of.

Once you’ve chosen one of the best New Zealand online casinos to play at and you’ve registered a free online casino account there are a few things you will need to familiarise yourself with before you get stuck in. Blackjack is a card game generally played with 1 deck of cards. Whether you play online or at a land based casino the rules and regulations tend to stay the same. The main aim of the game is to have a total value of 21 points. The virtual dealer will deal out 2 cards to each player, both of these cards will be faced down, he will also deal himself 2 cards, 1 facing up and the other facing down. The card values of a blackjack deck are simple to remember with cards 2 through to 10 at face value, K, Q and J are valued at 10, and the Ace is allowed to be counted as either a 1 or an 11.

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Knowing the basics is key if you want to keep on top of your blackjack game. Once the dealer has handed out your 2 cards and they equal to an amount that’s lower than 21 you will have the opportunity to pick up another card and add it to your total, this is called a ‘hit’. Be careful here though because if your overall total amounts to over 21 you automatically lose and the dealer will win that round. It’s better to rather have a lower number than to go over.

If you’re content with the first 2 cards dealt to you you can choose to ‘stand’ and keep them, in hopes that the dealers hand won’t be closer to 21 than yours.

If your card total ties with the dealers hand it’s called a ‘push’ and then allows you to keep your original bet without losing out on anything.

The hand that has the highest payout is called a ‘blackjack’ hand, you will achieve this hand when 1 of your cards is an Ace and the other helps equal it to 21 i.e. A + 10.

If you’ve never played this game before and you’re worried about using your New Zealand Dollars for a few test rounds then rather use your free casino credits that you will be rewarded with when signing up to one of our listed online casinos.

Online Blackjack New Zealand

Overall its popularity speaks for itself, with its massive payouts blackjack will remain as one of the top online casino games to try your luck at. Choose one of our listed New Zealand online casinos to play at and reap the rewards of this great game of skill, wit and strategy.


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