Online Craps Casinos New Zealand 

If you haven’t been lucky enough to try your hand at online craps then now is the perfect time. We have looked far and wide to find and compare the best online craps casinos that are available to New Zealand players so that you don’t have to. We have listed some of the best craps online and mobile casinos for you to choose from all boasting a variety of safe payment methods as well as extensive bonuses and special promotions. This dice game might be based on luck, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure you know the winning combinations and in no time you’ll be walking away with a wad of Dollars.

TOP online craps CasinosApril 2024
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Get Started with Craps Games

To start your potential winning streak is super simple. Choose one of the best New Zealand online casinos from our list, follow the link, sign up for a free online casino account, either play via a downloadable version or opt for the instant play option, and you’ll be ready to go. Setting up an account is extremely easy and the security that’s attached to all of the sites we have reviewed is top notch, so don’t worry about your personal info being shared with any 3rd party. All that’s left now is to start playing, and that’s where the real excitement begins. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, it doesn’t matter.

Craps is played with 2 dice. You either play against the computer/software or you play against other opponents that join your game. This is a game of predictions. So before the dice is rolled you will submit the sequence that you predict the dice will fall on. Keep your fingers crossed in the hopes that the dice land on your predicted numbers and you could be walking away a rich man.

Online Craps combinations

We know that craps is based on luck, but if you study the combinations and the odds then your chances will increase by a large margin. The first roll of the dice is called the ‘come out’ roll. This gets rolled by the ‘shooter’ which is the first person to roll the dice. Here you have 2 numbers that are called lucky numbers and they are 7 and 11. Then there is the unlucky numbers, these are 2, 3 and 12. Note though that this can also be reversed and the other way around, it all depends on what combination you choose to bet on. There are 4 main combinations.

Firstly you get the ‘pass line’ combination. This is when you bet that the ‘shooters’ dice wont land on the lucky or unlucky numbers. Then you get the ‘don’t pass’ bet. This is when you bet that the dice will land on 2, 3 or 12. The 3rd main combination is the ‘come’ bet. This is when the dice lands on 7 or 11. The last main combination is the ‘don’t come’ bet, if the dice lands on a 7 or 11 on this round it’s a loss. Don’t feel overwhelmed though, in no time will you memorise these and become king of the craps table.

Play Craps Online

As much as this game relies a lot on luck it’s still a game that needs to be played based on the high payouts. Bet big, win big is the underlying message. Choose one of our rated and reviewed new Zealand online casinos to play craps, and be rewarded with dice rolling fun and big wins.