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The overall popularity of real money online gambling in New Zealand has grown over the years. There are now thousands of regular gamblers enjoying real money games online. They play their favourite casino games using their mobile devices or laptops and stand a good chance to win big! Online casinos offer more than the average casino. Because the online casino does not have as many overhead costs such as renting an enormous space of land and hiring hundreds of people, they are able to offer their gamblers more. This in turn leads to bigger jackpots and better rewards that can be won. With the large sums of money that potentially can be yours, you need to have a simple, yet effective method of depositing and withdrawing money from your online gambling accounts. This is where Skrill saves the day!

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an online payment method that has earned a reputation as being one of the best with regards to online gambling. Transacting in all major currencies including the New Zealand Dollar, this method provides easy transactions across the board for online gambling. This was introduced as an alternative to providing credit or debit card information to skrill online casinos; instead the Skrill account offers a safe way to pay or to withdraw funds, without the need to release any personal information.  Its reputation in the world of online gambling is impeccable! With such a high success rate as well as a very good support team to assist with any problems that may arise, they have earned their name as one of the top ways to pay when playing your favourite casino games. Not only that, but you can find bonus rewards that are only offered to gamblers that use Skrill to make transactions and these rewards just keep coming!


Millions of people across the globe trust Skrill to make the safest and most efficient online transactions. All deposits and withdrawals are sent to you in a statement that can be checked to ensure your funds are safe. Once a transaction is made through Skrill, your money will reflect immediately for real money casino gameplay or into your account ready to be withdrawn.

Exclusive benefits

Skrill offers exclusive rewards to gamblers using this to fund their accounts. The VIP membership also unlocks benefits and promotions that could put you at a head start when gambling online. You may also acquire a prepaid card that is linked to your Skrill account that will make it much easier to get your money once you have won!

New Zealand Skrill Casinos Sites

You will find on this website, a list of the best online casinos in New Zealand that offer this method of transaction. Sign up for your free account today and start winning like never before! Get all the rewards and the security of knowing that you are using a transactional method that has earned its reputation in the world of online gambling and is seen as one of the best methods for you!

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